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Prikka Strip
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Prikka Strip
Protect your property from intruders including cats and birds
Use on the tops of walls, fences, gates, garages and around over hanging trees
Each anti climb strip consists of an array of closely arranged cones formed from durable weatherproof PVC
Strips are easy to trim / cut to your desired size, can be screwed or glued to secure in place
Can be screwed, glued or nailed to secure in place

Technical Information

Prikka-Strip is a triple row of pointed cones, moulded from polypropylene with excellent UV weathering resistance. The points are staggered for maximum effect.

Each strip is 500mm long, 45mm wide and 15mm high which delivers maximum deterrent but minimum harm.

The unique double-hinge design allows it to be formed neatly on fence tops, pipes and other irregular surfaces.

Caution, Sharp Points

Use great care when unpacking, fitting or cleaning this product.
Keep and fit away from reach of children

If the points are too sharp for your intended use, simply blunt them using a rasp/file or a coarse abrasive sanding sheet

Customers must satisfy themselves that no harm will be caused by this product and should take steps to display warning notices as appropriate.

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